My Faith Journey

By God’s grace, I was raised in a Christian household where both my parents were ordained pastors. Growing up between the church’ pews, I learned how to pray and have a personal relationship with God. I started being a worship leader when I was 12 years old. I love to be in God’s presence in an attitude of worship and community. Later, I started preaching and talking to people about God. I received the call to be a minister in my late teen years; I love the way God used me as an instrument for his glory. After pursuing a degree in Information Technologies and having a bi-vocational ministry for a few years, I decided to finally fulfill my call to be a full-time minister. In doing so, God provided in a miraculous way.

At Duke Divinity School, I realized God was leading my way like He did for the people of Israel through the wilderness. As a certified candidate for the North Carolina Conference, I served in a multicultural church for two years, I served as a chaplain in Chestnut Ridge Camp and Retreat Center for a summer.  During my last year, I served as a ministerial intern in two churches in Snow Camp, NC.

Now,  I am blessed to be appointed to The EDGE Church where I will be serving this community that I already feel blessed to call my family. In the future, I want to be part of a team of church planters for the conference; with God’s help I will use all the gifts God has given me to be a blessing for our community in North Carolina. I strongly believe I am away from my people and culture for a reason: I was called by name, and like Samuel, I have said, “God, here I am, use me.”
Pastor Saul

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