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Exodus: Journey To Freedom – Part 1

The Israelites were nomads who ended up wandering into Egyptian territory, where they were made the slaves of the Egyptian state. That journey was far from over! After 400 years of slavery, another difficult journey was still on their horizon. Join The EDGE Church as we learn how God provided Moses, a great deliverance, and a path to their promised land, even when they turned their eyes from God, over and over. Walk with us as we follow the Israelites' story, enduring hardship, frustration, anger, doubt, guilt, and many of the struggles we still encounter today.Even though they were delivered from slavery, they struggled to leave that part of their lives behind them. The only way to reach the freedom God promises is to learn how to leave "Our Egypt" behind us, whatever that struggle may be, and trust in God. We're broadcasting our services and events LIVE via our website, the "Sharefaith" app, Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, and YouTube!Get our app on the Apple Store or Google Play for sermon notes, song lyrics, audio series, notifications, videos, praise band music, and more!See Facebook For Information at Check out our live feeds at:…… EDGE is meeting at the Cook's house for an outdoor service, open to the public. There will be an indoor restroom and plenty of parking available. As always, bring a chair, your singing voice, and a heart hungry for God's word.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.Email us at prayer, counseling, or spiritual advice? Contact Pastor Saul at (910) 302-7188 or email!

Posted by The EDGE Church on Sunday, August 23, 2020

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