Past Sermons


Notes form Aug 14 Sermon:  First Person Part 1 

  • Synoptic: “Seen together.”


  • Mark: (68-69 AD) Characteristics:
  1. Jesus is uniquely the Son of God who came to set-up kingdom of God.
  2. Jesus is the messiah.
  3. Jesus is a suffering servant.
  4. Secrecy


  • Luke: (75-80 AD) Characteristics:
  1. The gospel has a universal
  2. The Kingdom of God is characterized by pious people.
  3. Social consciousness.
  4. The importance of women.


  • Matthew: (90-100 AD) Characteristics:
  1. Written to Jewish
  2. JC is the king who came to establish His new kingdom.
  3. Talks about the parousia (Jesus’ return).


  • John: (100) Characteristics:
  1. Jesus is the Word (Logos) w/ emphasis on creation and revelation.
  2. Gives a chronology … other 3 do not attempt to do so.
  3. Christology is prevalent.
  4. Eternal


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